Lindsay Lohan's Porsche Crash Doesn't Add Up, Here's Why 1

Lindsay Lohan, who was hospitalized briefly after wrecking a rented Porsche 911, claims that the accident occurred after a large truck cut her off on the narrow Pacific Coast Highway. But her version of events is hard to believe.

A rep for Lindsay said the actress was on her way to the “Liz & Dick” set when she plowed into the back of an 18-wheeler. The Porsche was heavily damaged if not totaled, according to gossip site TMZ.

Lindsay was driving the car and claimed the accident wasn’t her fault. But her explanation seems doubtful for one very big reason.

Although the Porsche 911 is best known for its speed, acceleration and handling, it also has incredible stopping power. The car has been tested going from 60mph to a dead stop in less than 100 feet.

In fact, the GT3 model was clocked at 94 feet by Motor Trend magazine, a feat only matched by other exotic supercars. The Porsche has four-wheel disc brakes with six pistons providing stopping power up front and four in the rear.

Plus, Porsches have a computerized automatic braking system that prevents excessive front-end dipping and keeps the car from skidding.

If Lindsay was paying attention to the road while driving, she could avoid almost any scenario that involved a front-end collision like she described simply by jamming on the brakes.

Photos of damage to her car, plus the fact that her airbags deployed, suggests she hit the truck, or the side of the road, almost full speed, with very little or no braking.

Airbags typically deploy if a car is going 28mph or faster when striking another car, or 18mph to 20mph when striking a solid object, which transfers more energy, according to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration.

The fact that the car was damaged in front and not the side, rules out slamming into rocks along the road, which might have happened if she were cut off.

And, if the truck did cut off her car, why didn’t she just hit the brakes? That’s typically a driver’s first move in a panic situation.

Rather, she clearly plowed into the back of the truck. Assuming the truck was traveling at 40mph, that means Lindsay’s Porsche was doing as much as 70mph or more when it collided with the semi.

So her explanation just doesn’t add up. Whatever she was doing, texting, smoking or putting on makeup, she likely wasn’t watching the road when the accident happened.

Check out the truck driver’s version of events below:

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