Justin Bieber Flashes Some Flesh at London Show (watch!) 1Justin Bieber continues to roll through Europe causing a sensation where ever he goes, but he topped himself at a the Capital FM Summertime Ball in London with a racy show of flesh.

Move over Madonna. Justin wowed his fans by pulling up his shirt while singing his hit song “Boyfriend.”

Justin was wearing a sleeveless jean jacket with a studded leather collar and a Union Jack on the back. His sleeveless tee-shirt had a UK flag on front and back and covered the top of his low-riding jeans.

About a third of the way into the song, he took off his jacket to squeals in the audience. As the song ended, he paused, lifted up his shirt and looked down.

Beside exposing his chest, his low-riding jeans left most of his aqua-colored underwear exposed as well.

Justin’s not the only pop star exposing flesh. In a concert in Turkey, Madonna did a strip tease to her song “Human Nature.” When she got down to her bra, she pulled down one cup to expose her breast.

Check out Justin’s show below.