Madonna Turkey Boob Flash

Madonna flashes breast during a show in deeply religious Turkey. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Madonna, who’s no stranger to courting controversy, is making headlines for flashing her bare breast during a concert in deeply religious Istanbul, Turkey last week. But at this point, is the Material Girl still edgy or merely desperate?

Madonna, 53, has been a pop-music icon for 30 years, and has built a hugely successful career and global fan base by capitalizing on her sexuality and rebellious image.

Her latest stunt, showing her right nipple during the Istanbul leg of her MDNA world tour, is being talked about, not so much because it’s sexy and provocative, but because it seems déclassé and desperate.

After all, Madonna has bared it all before, notably in the 1992 coffee table book “Sex,” which featured a nude Madonna in a series of soft-core pornographic photographs.

Madonna, a divorced mom of four, has previously railed against ageism, saying society pigeonholes people, especially women, as they hit middle age.

“I find whenever someone writes anything about me, my age is right after my name,” she said. “It’s almost like they’re saying, ‘Here she is, but remember she’s this age, so she’s not that relevant anymore.’ Or ‘Let’s punish her by reminding her and everyone else.’ When you put someone’s age down, you’re limiting them.”

No matter how old she gets, Madonna insists her artistic goal is the same as it was in the 1980s: “To continue to be a provocateur, to do what we perceive as the realm of young people, to provoke, to be rebellious, to start a revolution.”

Check out the video below.

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