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If Kris Humphries wants to say that Myla Sinanaj was never his girlfriend, it’s apparently going to cost him. His lawyers claimed the woman tried to “extort” money for her silence, leading them to call the feds.

His lawyers reportedly contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate claims that she demanded money or threatened to “ruin him” in the media.

Estranged wife Kim Kardashian must be getting a laugh over Humprhies’ latest misadventure. As TheImproper reported June 5, Humphries denial that he was dating Sinanaj was likely a legal ploy in his bitter divorce battle with Kim.

The New Jersey Nets basketball player is reportedly set to claim that Kardashian had an ongoing relationship with rapper Kanye West as evidence that his marriage to Kim was a fraud perpetrated by her.

Kim is in an open relationship with West, even though she is still legally married to Humphries. That could weigh against her if the case goes to court. Likewise, any relationship involving Humphries could do the same, or negate his claim against her.

Thus, he scrambled last week to deny he was dating a Kim Kardashian look-alike, after photos surfaced of him lounging with the bikini-clad women in Florida.

Kris’s lawyers were apparently trying to pursuade Sinanaj to sign a confidentiality agreement about their relationship when she made the money demands. The lawyers, in turn, called in the FBI, according to TMZ.

Myla reportedly has saved emails, texts and other documents that could hurt Humphries’ case, if they became public.

Depositions are scheduled to be taken this month in Humphries divorce. Among his allegations, he claims that Kim was seeing West all during her engagement and brief marriage to him.