Rihanna Armani Body Double Scandal Erupts Over Video (watch) 1Rihanna, who was elated when she landed a deal to rep for Armani underwear and jeans, may not be the girl in a controversial video for the brand that shows a woman in sexually provocative poses.

The 24-year-old has been hailed for her seductive curves and tweeted about the Armani ad when it came out in March. But another woman may have been featured in the body shots.

The woman was reportedly Irish model Jahnassa Aicken, according to London’s Sun tabloid newspaper. Jahnassa’s torso, body and, most importantly, her derriere appear in parts of the ad, a source told the newspaper.

Rihanna’s management reportedly made Aicken sign a confidentiality agreement to prevent her from taking credit for the scenes. Rihanna has boasted about the video and the bootilicious backside.

The video clearly shows Rihanna lying on a double bed wearing black lace underwear. It then cuts to a scene where she gets out of bed, and slips into a pair of Armani jeans and a leather jacket.

The close-up shots feature a woman’s rear and breasts without showing an facial features. Those money shots are said to be Aicken.

Rihanna’s people reportedly picked her out in a crowd during the filming of the Barbadian’s “We Found Love” music video in Northern Ireland.

The deal to rep for the Italian brand is her biggest foray into fashion. She became the new body for Emporio Armani’s underwear last July.

She follows the racy Megan Fox, who was paired with soccer hottie Cristiano Ronaldo in 2010. Armani previously had focused on physical fitness. Before Fox and Ronaldo, David Beckham and his wife Victoria were the brand’s bodies.

Check out the video below: