Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s claims that estranged wife Mary Richard Kennedy conducted a reign of terror during their marriage are “vindictive lies,” according to Mary’s family members.

Kennedy made the allegations in seal court papers, which were examined by Newsweek magazine. The family called the filings a “brutal psychological weapon” in the divorce.

TheImproper reported suspicion last week that the leaked documents were an attempt to rehabilitate Kennedy’s shattered reputation in the wake of his wife’s suicide last month.

TheImproper also reported that it is often a tactic in bitter divorce cases to heap allegations on the opposing party to sway court sentiment.

The court papers claimed that Mary had threatened suicide on numerous occasions in front of their four children. Kennedy also claimed his wife was abusive toward him and the children almost from the beginning of the 14-year marriage.

In a statement released today, the family slammed the Newsweek report. “Mary’s unconditional love for her children and unwavering support of so many people she held close to her heart are the lasting legacies of her life,” the statement said.

‘Our hearts are breaking for what her children continue to witness. We hoped Mary could rest in peace,” it continued.

“The scurrilous affidavit, which is the entire basis for the Newsweek article, was written by Bobby Kennedy as part of a contentious custody battle and was nothing more than a brutal psychological weapon in the divorce case.

“The affidavit, which Mary repudiated at the time, is full of vindictive lies. This latest piling on is proof perfect of the unbelievable emotional and psychological abuse that Mary endured during the last years of her life, and now in death,” the statement said.

“The false claim that Mary suffered from BPD [Borderline Personality Disorder] is also an insult to those who do struggle with this serious mental illness. Right now, our primary concern is for Mary’s children. There will be a time and a place for the true facts to come out.”

In the final weeks of her life, Mary was struggling to pay the bills as Robert squeezed off financial support. He had also peppered her with a series of restraining orders in court, forcing her already soaring legal bills above the $1 million mark.

Mary was also devastated when her estranged husband began openly dating actress Cheryl Hines, 46, before the divorce was final. Mary’s celebrity friends, such as Glenn Close, drifted away and Hines was photographed with her children.

Mary’s family is so incensed at Kennedy, a brother sued in court in an effort to get control of her body. They held a separate service after they lost, and only one of the family members attended the Kennedy funeral.

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