Chris Brown is caught in the middle of a bloody brawl in the VIP section of W.i.P. nightclub, and new video has surfaced of the fight.

He looks like he gets manhandled by club security as the move in to break up the fight, according to video that has surfaced on the Internet.

In a graphic depiction of action inside the club, a person who looks like Brown is struggling to get out of a headlock in the first moment of the video.

If it’s the R&B singer, he moves to one of the back corners of the club to get out of the line of fire. A bodyguard cover in blood can also be seen. He was fist fighting another man.

The fight was largely confined to the club’s VIP area where Drake, Brown and members of their respective security and hangers-on were seated. The rest of the club looks like it remained fairly peaceful.

Voices can be heard shouting as the fight progresses. Club security seems to move in pretty quickly to try to separate the two sides.

Brown was hit in the chin with a bottle and suffered a fairly nasty gash. He tweet a photo but later removed it. Drake claims he was leaving the club when the fight broke out and was not involved.

Drake, however, may have instigated the fight when he gave the middle finger to Brown and began trash talking, according to TMZ, citing multiple eyewitnesses at the club.

The fight breaks out in the background behind the large screen.

Check out the Video below: