Robert Pattinson Picks Favorite Internet Trending Singer; Who? 1Robert Pattinson would be a musician if his acting career hadn’t taken off with “Twilight,” so his musical tastes are pretty broad. But he was recently asked to pick his favorite Internet trending singer;  the answer may surprise you. Or, maybe not.

Rob fancies himself a singer-songwriter and has often talked about his passion for the blues and folk rock.

He often talks about some of his favorites like contemporary UK folk rockers Johnny Flynn, Marcus Foster and Laura Marling.

Robert Pattinson Picks Favorite Internet Trending Singer; Who? 2

Among bands, his favorites seem to be  Kings of Leon and The Black Keys.

For only being 26, he has a solid knowledge of music history. He’s often expressed appreciation for mid-20th century blues guitarist Elmore James, who died in 1963, and 60’s blues rockers John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison.

He also likes rap, particuarly Eminem and Old School rappers Wu Tang Clan.

But he was ask recently what he thought of today’s Internet dominating artists, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. They’re they biggest names trending on social media next to him, of course, which he kind of irked him.

“It’s annoying that I’m part of this internet thing though – they all have Twitters and an online presence. How did I get part of this group? I didn’t do anything. I’m trying to avoid it!” he told the UK edition of GQ magazine in a recent interview.

But that’s getting off the point. So between Gaga, Bieber and Minaj, whom do you think is his favorite? Click the box above to find out!