Justin Bieber pushed back against pushy fans who had waited over two hours to see him while he waited for his girlfriend Selena Gomez to arrive at the airport.

The scene was captured on video and showed Justin’s temperamental side, which has gotten him into trouble in the past. Most recently for starting a scuffle with a photographer.

Justin was sitting on a railing at the airport in Toronto, Canada ahead of the MuchMusic Awards. He was wearing a white tee-shirt, jeans and a white sleeveless hoodie, which he had pulled over his head.

Watch Justin Snap at Fans

Some fans could be seen behind and to the right of him, but he was brushing back another fan out of camera range. The plaintiff girl could be heard pleading with him for a photo “after waiting all day” to take a picture.

“Do I not have any right, as a human being,” Justin can be heard saying to the fan.

“I’m not saying that,” the fan replied. “I’m just saying we waited all day…”

Before the fan could finish, Justin replied, “Just wait… just wait.. just wait like two seconds.”

“Why do you have to be so impatient,” he added. “I am a human being.”

With that, he let them know that he was waiting for his girlfriend, Selena.

“You’re not being very respectful at all,” Justin told them. “Like I feel very disrespected with all you guys here.”

“We’re sorry,” one of the girls replied. “Let’s leave him alone.”

But Justin wasn’t through. “You guys say you’re really my fans; then why are you doing this?”

Then, things started heating up. “You just have to be nice about it that’s all,” said the off-camera fan.

“I don’t have to be nice about it,” Justin snapped back. “You guys are in my face.”

Finally, just came off his perch long enough to pose for pictures, and everyone seemed to leave happy.

Was Justin right to be rude to his fans, even if they were desperate to take a picture with him? Or were his fans too pushy?

Watch above and let us know.

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