Kristen Stewart is in Australia doing promotion for “Snow White and the Huntsman” with co-star Chris Hemsworth, and appeared flirtatious with the hunky actor on the Aussie version of the “Today Show.”

Kristen actually appeared on the show June 20, but don’t be thrown by the date.

Sydney, Australia is 14 hours ahead of New York and 11 hours ahead of LA, and lies on the other side of the International Date Line. So it’s always tomorrow there, compared with the U.S.

Kristen and Chris were both highly complementary of each other, and Kristen, who’s dating Robert Pattinson, seemed to flirt just a bit on air.

She said she enjoyed filming the movie, “especially when you’re with people you’re excited to be working with,” pointing with a sheepish smile at Hemsworth.

“And, other people are excited about the movie, too.” she quickly added.

For some reason, “Today Show” entertainment editor Richard Wilkins felt a need to clarify. “I think what you were trying to say was the good Aussie boy brought out the best in you,” he added.

“That’s right. That’s actually exactly what I was trying to say,” Kristen laughed diffusing the awkward moment.

Hemsworth, 28, has been married since 2010 to Spanish model, actress and film producer Elsa Pataky, 35. She just gave birth to daughter India Rose Hemsworth on May 11.

“The Good American girl brought it out in me, too,” added Hemsworth, who was full of praise for Kristen.

“We never met before this, and what I certainly felt from her work and seeing was she was passionate,” he said. “There’s nothing worse working with people who are sort of on the fence about where to take a character.

“But there was no waivering in her commitment where she wanted to go,” he added.

Kristen stars as Snow White, and Hemsworth plays the Huntsman, who is one of her love interests and her protector. The on-screen chemistry between them was evident. But that seems to be as far as it went. Check out the video below.