Did Kim Kardashian get her body through plastic surgery?

Kim Kardashian has more than 15 million Twitter followers, but she is so disdainful of her fans she calls them “gullible,” “stupid imbeciles,” “boring little nobodies” and “pathetic people with no lives of their own.”

The bombshell is reportedly contained in text messages and emails that Kim sent to estranged husband Kris Humphries during their courtship and brief marriage.

Of course, anyone with half a brain knows that Kim has always exploited her fans. She routinely tweets product endorsements to them and has never been known to disclose she is being paid to do so. She even pushes sketchy diet pills on her fans. She’s being sued for false advertising.

The disclosures could be the opening round in a nasty divorce trial between Humphries and Kardashian, who threw the basketballer after just 72 days of marriage… but not before a lavish $18 million wedding.

Humphries claims the marriage was a fraud and he’s seeking an annulment. Kim, whose credibility was severely tarnished by the wedding fiasco, insists she married for love; it just didn’t work out.

The latest report is contained in the always reliable Star magazine (ha!). In public, it notes, Kim always talks of her fans lovingly and calls them her “dolls.”

Kris also plans to reveal that Kim is a plastic surgery junkie. “Kim’s gotten liposuction, three nose jobs, a boob job and work done on her butt,” the magazine’s source claims. “She can’t stop with the plastic surgery and I don’t think she ever will.”

Kim and Kris are scheduled to give depositions in the case this week, which is the start of the evidence gathering process.