Johnny Depp Shells Out $150M in Vanessa Paradis Split 1Johnny Depp may be going through a mid-life crisis at 49, but he’s paying for it. He’s reportedly agreed to give his long-time partner Vanessa Paradis $150 million to end their relationship quietly.

Meanwhile, Depp is also said to be moving swiftly in his relationship with “The Rum Diary” co-star Amber Heard.

The actress came out in 2010 as a lesbian and was recently dating photographer Tasya van Ree. She posed topless for van Ree in a photo spread last year.

But Heard is reportedly the reason Depp left his long-time partner and mother of his two children, Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, nine.

If the reports are true, Depp, who is estimated to be worth between $300 million and $400 million, gave the French actress and model roughly half his net worth.

The couple owns a mansion and apartment in Los Angeles, an island off Little Hall’s Pond Cay in the Bahamas and houses in France and Italy.

Depp and Paradis,, 39, confirmed their split on Tuesday (June 19), despite heated denials by Depp. The two apparently made an effort to reconcile, but reportedly have been living apart for months. She has been seen on the red carpet with him for more than a year.

Meanwhile, Heard, 26, has been a “regular visitor” to New Mexico where Depp is filming his latest picture “The Lone Ranger.” One tabloid report claims he even bought a horse so they can ride together.

Paradis recently starred in a new movie, “Café de Flore.” Check out the trailer below.