Kristen Stewart Topless

“Twilight” star Kristen Stewart’s widely talked about topless scene in “On the Road,” has leaked online. But watch closely it comes and goes quickly.

Stewart ended months of speculation last month when she confirmed that she shows both her rear end and her breasts.

The film is based on the novel by the same name by ’50s beat writer Jack Kerouac.

Kristen plays promiscuous teen Marylou, who gets married at 15 and pushes the limits on free sex with husband Dean Moriarity. He’s a fictional character in the book, based on Kerouac’s traveling budding Neal Cassady. Garrett Hedlund plays the part.

“I love pushing, I love scaring myself!” Stewart told reporters at the Cannes Film Festival, where the picture screened May 23.

Stewart, 22, appears naked lying on her stomach in one scene, resting on a bed. In another scene her character is shown having sex with Hedlund’s character and with Sam Riley, who plays Sal Paradise, the fictional version of Kerouac himself.

During the scenes, Stewart flashes her bare breasts.

The clip circulating on line shows Stewart topless with both characters in a menage-a-trois, although the scene is almost comical. They are in the front seat of a car while driving cross-country.

She masturbates the characters. None of the actors, however, show any full-frontal nudity, according to reports.

Stewart chided atresses who wear flesh-colored patches to hide their parts during movie sex scenes. She said she did not want to feel safe and went full on nude.

“To watch genuine experience on film is just so much more interesting than seeing (it faked).” In fake scenes, she added, “you can see the tape holding up the pasties. I wanted to do it.”

“There’s nothing ever to be ashamed of …” she said.

Check out the clip (NSFW), plus a trailer from the movie.