Kate Upton Teaches Jimmy Fallon 'Cat Daddy' Dance (watch!) 1Model of the moment Kate Upton, gave Jimmy Fallon a dance lesson last night on his show. She showed him the moves for the “Cat Daddy,” a dance she turned into an Internet sensation. Do you think he got it?

Upton, the stunningly gorgeous model who graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in February, is becoming better known for her sexy dancing than for her day job as a model.

She became an overnight sensation when a clip went viral last year for casually dancing the “Dougie” with SI colleague Damaris Lewis during a break in an LA Clippers basketball game.

Her appearance in Sports Illustrated followed, and she’s been one of the hottest models every since. Her dancing, however, is another matter.

She caused another uproar in May when she was filmed doing the “Cat Daddy” at photographer Terry Richardson’s studio.

She was working on a photo shoot in a tiny bikini and was just goofing when Anderson asked her to dance. But Kate really turned it on. So Fallon was eager to ask her to do it again.

“Why else am I here?” the fetching model, who turned 20 this month, said. Check out the video below.