“Twilight’s newest addition, Mackenzie Foy, is featured in new photos from “Breaking Dawn, Part 2.” She’s in character as Renesmee Cullen in touching shots with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Studio Summit Entertainment released the photos today (June 22), one day after it released a new Breaking Dawn 2 trailer to commemorate vampire Edward Cullen’s 111th birthday.

The new photos, screen shots from the movie shows the first meeting between Taylor’s character Jacob Black and Edward and Bella’s daughter.

Check out the new photos; click to enlarge.

As a werewolf, Jacob has imprinted on the half-human, half-vampire child and is bound to protect her, along with his wolfpack.

Jacob’s relationship is complicated with Renesmee. He imprinted on her to protect her and to stop his wolfpack from fighting to the death with the Cullen clan. But it also means he loves her, and who knows where that is going.

“Everybody likes to tease me about it,” Lautner told Entertainment Weekly. “Everyone thinks it’s so funny, and I laugh along with them, but it’s important for me to keep in my mind that it’s as simple as a lifelong bond. It’s not nearly as creepy as everybody likes to joke.”

The Cullens face off against the Volturi in the final installment of the Vampire series. Irina, a member of the renegade Denali coven, tells the Volturi that Renesmee is a “made” vampire, which violates Volturi rules. She’s sworn vengeance against the Cullens because Jacob’s pack killed her lover.

The ruling clan descends on Forks to wipe out the Cullens, who rally their supporters to face off against them. The new photos show Volturi and other vampire clans who are backing the Cullens.

Check them out above.

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