Kim Kardashian momager Kris Jenner, still reeling from accusations she pimped her daughter to make a sex tape, fires back at Kris Humphries on Bethenny Frankel’s new show.

Kim’s spurned husband was actually indirectly the source of the charges. His’s supposed girlfriend Myla Sinanaj revealed that Humphries told her Kim and her mom planned the sex tape with her then-boyfriend Ray-J, a rapper.

If true, the allegations shed a totally different light on the origins of the tape, how it came to be leaked and eventually to be sold by porn producer Vivid Entertainment.

In fact, Humphries said momager Jenner not only told Kim to make a sex tape, but also to re-film the original because it wasn’t “pretty enough,” according to Sinanaj.

Sister Khloe Kardashian was the first to jump to her mother’s defense, telling gossip site TMZ that Humphries’ allegations were “sick.”

Kim said she never discussed the sex tape with him because she didn’t want it to affect the relationship, but then turned around and said has told new boyfriend Kanye West “everything” about her.

Humprhies came up because Kris and Bethenny were talking about whether Kim would get married for the third time. Kris said she advises all her daughters to follow their heart.

“She’s really good with her intuition,” said Jenner. “She’s usually… well she hasn’t be so right lately,” she corrected herself to audience laughter.

“But I think this one she’s right about,” she quickly added, referring to West.

“We all make mistakes,” Bethenny counseled.

“Oh well, what’s a measly 72 days,” Jenner joshed.

Well let’s see: An $18 million wedding extravaganza, two blowout television specials, a bitter divorce, Kim’s ruined reputation and the perception that she’s a pimp. Other than that, not much.

Check out the teaser below.