Katy Perry Opens Curtain on Whack Religious Childhood 1Katy Perry’s documentary “Part Of Me” provides revealing insight into her strict religious upbringing that’s crazy enough to keep cultural anthropologists busy for years. How (pardon the language) the hell did she become a pop star?

“Being a kid in my household consisted of going to a lot of church activities,” Perry says in classic understatement in a teaser for the film.

Perry’s parents are Pentecostals, who believe in a living god, spirits, speaking in tongues, faith healing, the imminent return of Jesus, and, of course, the devil.

“We weren’t allowed to eat Lucky Charms [cereal] because luck is of Lucifer,” says Katy’s brother David Hudson.

“I couldn’t watch the Smurfs growing up,” Katy adds.

“I didn’t know who Michael Jackson was until I was like 14,” says sister Angela Hudson.

The clip doesn’t address how her upbringing affected her, whether she’s escaped it, or how much it influences her today.

Also, what do her parents think of her music? In one video, she transforms into a devilish half-human, half alien. That surely must have been enough to merit eternal damnation.

Perry will also address her marriage to and divorce from UK Comedian Russell Brand. How she ended up dating and marrying an atheist libertine like him is a mystery. For the record, her parents have not cast her out, or tried to turn her to stone.

Hopefully the movie will provide some answers. It hits theaters on July 5.