Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Finally Pals, Or Are They? (photos!) 1

(Photo: INFDaily)

Kim Kardashian on the outs with Beyonce since she started dating Kanye West, may be finally part of Bey’s inner circle. But maybe not. New photos have surfaced of the two together, but look fishy.

A series of photos, taken during a show on West’s and Jay-Z’s Watch the Throne tour appear to show Jay-Z wife Beyonce and Kim standing side-by-side in the audience surrounded by fans.

“The actual Beyonce and the actual Kim Kardashian in an actual mosh pit. It was nuts. They were right in the middle of it!” wrote a Kanye fan identified as Luke Parfitt, who said he took the photos. The images were posted on Twitter and attributed to West fan site, teamkanyedaily.

Check out the photos; click to enlarge.

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Finally Pals, Or Are They? (photos!) 2Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Finally Pals, Or Are They? (photos!) 3Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Finally Pals, Or Are They? (photos!) 4Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Finally Pals, Or Are They? (photos!) 5

But the photos look suspicious, and may be crudely photoshopped to look like the two were together. Here’s the evidence.

Of the four photos posted, both faces can only be seen at the same time in one image. And, it’s a long shot. The Kim figure looks like she could have been added to the photo. And the person purported to be Beyonce looks like her but doesn’t seem to be identical.

Beyonce is 5-feet 6-inches tall and Kim is only 5-feet, one-inch tall, yet the two people in the photo look about the same height. Of course, Kim could be wearing killer 5-inch heels and Beyonce could be in flats. But…

Beyonce has lost a lot of her baby weight since giving birth, but the woman in the photo looks much slimmer around the hips, legs and mid-section and Beyonce has bigger boobs, according to recent photos of the superstar.

Then again it could be them. Notice to two tall people in the photos who look like bodyguards. So, something must be going on.

The singer, who was just voted People’s most beautiful woman, reportedly drew the line in April on appearing in public with Kim because Kim purprosely draws attention to herself for cameras and uses others to pump up her own celebrity image.

Kim was snubbed brutally after the “Watch the Throne” Paris show, according to hip-hop site mediatakeout. She was not invited to the after-show party attended by pals Gwyneth Paltrow, Clive Davis and Quincy Jones.

But time has a habit of healing all wounds, and it’s possible Kanye was able to convince Beyonce to give Kim a chance. But then, again, maybe not. Check out the photos and video below and let us know your thoughts.