One Direction's Harry Styles Eyed as Easy Cougar Bait 1Harry Styles of UK boy band One Direction apparently is taking full advantage of his 15 minutes of fame. He’s been linked with at least two women almost twice his age and pursued another.

UK tabloids are having a field day digging up others and reporting all the juicy details.

Styles has had affairs with married UK DJ Lucy Horobin, 32, and TV host Caroline Flack, also 32, even though he was only 17 years old at the time. He turned 18 in February.

But not to worry. The age of consent in Britain is 16. The only exception is if the person is in a position of trust. Then, it’s illegal to have sex with someone under 18.

According to London tabloids, Harry’s reputation is drawing interest from older women and he seems only too happy to oblige.

His affair with Horobin lasted only a few weeks. It began after Harry flirted “outrageously” during her radio show last August, according to London’s Mirror newspaper.

“He knew exactly what he was doing despite the fact he was only 17,” Horobin bragged, according to a source described as a “friend.”

She reportedly called the sex “wonderful.”

Horobin went public with the affair and said it almost wrecked her marriage. “She realized she had made a stupid mistake,” a source told the newspaper. “She was terrified of admitting what she had done.”

One Direction's Harry Styles Eyed as Easy Cougar Bait 2

Harry flings: Lucy Horobin (left), Caroline Flack

But the affair only ended after Harry started openly dating Flack, which caused an uproar in Great Britain.

“When Lucy saw the reaction to Caroline she was ­horrified,” the friend said.

Harry also recently was reported to have hit on former Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, who also is 32. One tabloid site wheeled out an arm-chair psychologist who offered up some mumbo-jumbo about Harry feeling abandoned after his parents’ divorce.

But we suspect another reason. Older women are easy. Eh, Harry?