Rihanna Goon Punches Out Paparazzi on Street (watch!) 1First Justin Bieber, now Rihanna; it’s getting even more dangerous to be a paparazzi. In a stunning scene caught on video, a bodyguard for the Barbadian singer slugged a photographer Sunday night.

Although it’s unclear from the video exactly what set off the hired security guard, he threw a right haymaker that knocked the much smaller photographer to the ground.

It sounds like he says “Let’s go,” and then starts swinging, according to a video posted on gossip site TMZ.

Rihanna was getting into a car at the time after performing in London and hanging out at the Whiskey Mist nightclub, which she was leaving.

The street was swarmed, as usual, by photographers. She seemed to have no trouble getting through the throng and into the car in a blaze of strobe lights, as photographers stepped aside to “make a hole.”

The incident went down after she was in the car. The goon was reportedly trying to move photographers away from the front of the car. It’s impossible to tell if words were exchanged, but the photographer looked surprised by the punch.

He fell to the ground, but appeared more likely tripped over the curb.

The bodyguard, coincidentally, is the same person spotted in the crowded with Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles at a recent “Watch the Throne,” concert. So it’s unlikely he’s part of Rihanna’s personal entourage or a regular in her security party.

In another recent dust-up, Bieber started a scuffle with a photographer as he was leaving a shopping mall. The photographer has filed assault charges.

Check out the video below. No word yet on injuries or arrests, but this guy is clearly in the wrong business.