Lana Del Rey Mugs Jackie O in National Anthem Trailer (watch) 1Lana Del Rey provides a glimpse of the upcoming video for her song, “National Anthem,” in a new trailer that features rapper and music video director A$AP Rocky as JFK.

Del Rey throws loving glances at the 23-year-old hip hop singer, who will release his debut album LongLiveA$AP in July.

The scenes alternate between Del Rey on the stage and doing some serious Jackie O styling in grainy 60s looking video. Even though it’s just a teaser for the upcoming full-video, it’s almost four minutes long, and includes the full song.

Del Rey isn’t pictured singing the latest single off her 2012 album, Born to Die. In fact, she’s barely pictured at all. She’s mainly seen in the same shot smiling from the stage.

There are quick cuts to a montage of American flags, a couple dancing, and a motorcade that mirrors the scene Nov. 22 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas.

“I play JFK, she plays Jackie O, you know, some cool, trippy shit, some really 2015 shit,” Rocky told MTV.

“People gonna get it in like three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.”

The video, directed by Anthony Mandler, is reported clock in at 10 minutes, rivaling Lady Gaga and Kanye West, who have also produced super long clips.

The video certainly has one big fan already.

“Every so often, I top what I’ve done, and this video is definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done,” Lana told BBC Radio One. “I wrote a treatment for me and A$AP Rocky, because I just thought he’d be really perfect to star in it. … I love it.”

Check out the trailer below: