Kim Kardashian knows a piece of meat when she sees one. She’s started pushing Chili’s babyback ribs over Twitter to her estimated 15 million followers in what appears to be another crass commercial endorsement.

Kim, like many celebrities, is paid by various companies to promote products over Twitter to fans. In Kim’s case, though, she never reveals that she is being paid.

So, it’s impossible to know if she chows down on Chilli’s babyback ribs all the time–that may explain her rear end– or whether she’s just shilling a product at the expense of her fans.

Kim apparently has been promoting the brand since at least 2010. She was photographed eating at a Chili’s restaurant, gnawing on ribs with Dallas Cowboys player Miles Austin and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

At the time, she was rumored to be dating Austin. The whole scene looked a little odd. Kardashian rolled up to the budget-priced restaurant in her Bentley, so you know she was expecting publicity.

In the latest hype, Kim shot out a Tweet to her fans last night (June 25) saying simply: “Chilli’s baby back ribsssss” She also posted a photo of some ribs on Instagram.

She hasn’t been seen at a Chilli’s since her high-profile visit in 2010, so it’s an open question how often, if ever, she favors the “casual dining” restaurant chain with a visit.

Chili’s serves everything from a low calorie salmon dinner (560 calories) to an artery clogging burger at 1,350 calories. A rack of ribs like the ones touted by Kardashian comes in at a whopping 2,400 calories, not counting sides.

If you’re feeling a little full after eating a slab, Kim also hawks QuickTrim diet pills. She’s being sued as part of a class action for false advertising for claiming the pills can cause weight loss. She’s also pushed the pills on twitter fans.

Now you know why they say that baby’s got back.