Robert Pattinson Has Hollywood Doors Slam in His Face (watch!) 1

Robert Pattinson grins as doors to a limousine bus shut in his face.

Robert Pattinson, got dissed by Katy Perry, if only momentarily and by accident, last night as he was leaving the trendy Chateau Marmont, following the premiere of her new movie.

He literally had a door slammed in his face while he waited to board a limousine bus with Perry, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and other celebrities.

The scene was a madhouse of security and paparazzi as usual. Fortunately, this time no one got shoved, roughed up or punched. A video surfaced yesterday showing a security guard assaulting a photographer after Rihanna got into a waiting car.

Bieber was also recently in the spotlight for scuffling with a photographer as he and Gomez tried to leave a shopping mall.

In the video, Bieber and Gomez can be seen getting into the bus. But as Rob sauntered up to the van, the doors suddenly snapped shut on him and “Raising Hope” star Shannon Woodward.

Rob seemed highly amused by the incident as he stood waiting to see if the doors would open, and could be heard making a loud belly laugh.

After a few moments of panic, among staff and security, the bus doors opened and Pattinson was able to get on. The Twilight star has been the subject of some reports that his movie career is in jeopardy because his last two non-Twilight films flopped.

But he hasn’t fallen that far down the celebrity list to have doors slammed in his face, just yet.

Check out the video from TMZ below.