Jon Stewart Gets Fast, Furious Over Fox Hypocrisy (watch!) 1Jon Stewart notes that Republicans have never forgotten “Watergate,” and still want payback. So far, they’ve tried to hang the label on President Obama at least four times. And Stewart’s fast an furious about it.

For those who may not recall the scandal, and that would include anyone born after, say, 1970, it’s the term used for the events that forced Republican President Richard Nixon to resign for office in 1974.

It began with a “third rate” burglary of Democratic Party headquarters by GOP operatives during the 1972 election. It grew to involve a cover-up engineered by the President himself, involving the FBI and CIA. In all, 43 people, including dozens of top Nixon officials, were convicted of crimes and sent to jail.

In contrast, “Fast and Furious” is the name given to a hair-brained scheme to send “untraceable guns” to Mexico in hopes of, um, tracing them to drug gangs. Obviously, not a bright idea.

Despite all the rhetoric, however, no one, it seems, can adequately explain how the program rises to the level of Watergate high crimes and misdemeanors, other than the fact that the president has asserted executive privilege, which he’s entitled to do, over some internal government documents.

Right wing pundits on Fox News were quick to call it Obama’s “Watergate…” again. That set Stewart off on a hilarious analysis of the media coverage.

“See the problem here is you’ve become the Fox who cried wolf,” he said. “Your outrage repertoire has been so over-used as to render justified outrage meaningless. This is Watergate! Right.”

“Not to mention the breathlessness. Oh…the breathlessness,” he added.

But when it comes to lawlessness and executive privilege, Obama doesn’t hold a candle to former President George W. Bush.

“What did y’all think of the Bush years’ shenanigans? Secret torture programs; wire-tapping citizens without a warrant; putting signed statements onto laws that negated what the law says; stonewalling Congress; holding Americans without trial by calling them ‘enemy combatants’?” he railed.

“What was your working theory on the tyranny and lawlessness of those secret programs?”

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