Justin Bieber Really Does Want To Be as Big as Usher (watch!) 1Justin Bieber has a lot of respect for Usher, but does he secretly wish he was Usher, or at least a mega-star of the same caliber? You bet he does, judging from a new interview on KIIS 102.7 radio in Los Angeles.

Bieber and the R&B singer have a special relationship. Usher was the first to get Justin a leg up after he became an Internet sensation and has helped him with his career almost every step of the way.

Justin sings a few lyrics from Usher‘s song “Climax” in the singer’s famous falsetto voice. There were earlier reports Justin was having trouble hitting high notes because his voice was changing with age, but he seemed to go high without too much trouble.

“You know, he just constantly brings out hits,” Justin said, when asked by JoJo On The Radio why he chose to sing one of his mentor’s songs.

Justin also plugged his new album, Believe, which debuted this week at No. 1 on the pop charts, but has quite lived up to expectations in terms of early estimates for first-week sales. Justin noted, however, that reviews have been good.

He also talked about his desire to prove that he’s not just a flash in the pan or a manufactured product, something he’s talked about frequently in the run up to the release of his new set.

I’m just saying there’s a lot of teen acts have come up and, you know, slowly just went down, or quickly went down. I just wanted to prove to everybody that I’m not a fluke; I work hard and the music shows it,” he said.

Check out the interview below: