Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Final Humiliation: Wife Impoverished 1Robert F. Kennedy Jr. heaped humiliation on estranged wife Mary Richardson Kennedy in a brutal campaign to wear her down in their bitter divorce battle, leaving her destitute by the time she hanged herself.

The pressure tactics, which included a series of restraining orders, are all too common in New York divorce courts, which still operate under “at fault” divorce laws.

As such, the stakes are much higher than “no fault” states, because the court can award substantial, or all assets, to one party. That means the party with the most money does everything they can to exploit the system and wear down their opponent.

It looks like Kennedy played the game to the hilt.

After he cut off all financial support, likely in violation of the court, Mary Kennedy was so drained of money she couldn’t afford to buy food, according to a report in The New York Post.

In the end, Mary, 52, couldn’t go on. She hanged herself in a barn on the Kennedy estate in Bedford on May 16.

“Somebody living in a fifth-floor walk-up in The Bronx with cash could do more than she could,” a source told the paper.

Kennedy also reportedly owes Mary Kennedy’s divorce attorneys $278,000 in legal fees. During the same time period, Kennedy battered his spouse with a series of restraining orders.

During her funeral Kennedy said “I know I did everything I could to help her.”