One Direction's Harry Styles Called 'Rat' in Cougar Sex Scandal 1Harry Styles, a member of UK boy band One Direction has been slammed by the husband of married radio DJ Lucy Horobin over Harry’s alleged tryst with the 33-year-old woman, who is twice his age.

Husband Oliver Pope, who has since reconciled with his wife, charges that Styles actively pursued the older woman and is no “innocent party” to the affair.

“Harry is a rat. Since his fling with Lucy has been revealed, he’s been hailed a hero – and innocent lad who just happens to like older women,” a friend of Pope’s told London tabloid The Mirror.

Harry reported had an affair with the married DJ that lasted several weeks, before he tossed her over and moved on to TV hostess Caroline Flack, who also is twice his age, but unmarried.

The friend said Styles, 17, is a “spoilt little rich kid who does whatever he wants’ and responded when Lucy first told him of the fling: “The little scumbag with Caroline Flack?”

Since the affair was made public last week, Horobin has been chased from Twitter by seething One Direction fans.

The affair has even caused some tension for teen rival Justin Bieber. He hung up during a radio interview, after the DJ made a joke about Styles making a play for Justin’s mother, who is also in her mid-thirties.

Earlier, in a separate interview, Bieber girlfriend Selena Gomez joked about Harry hitting on her mother as well, who is also in her 30s.

Seems no one is laughing now.