Anne Hathaway's Catwoman Purrs in New TV Spot (watch) 1Anne Hathaway finally gets to show her stuff as Catwoman in a new television spot for “Dark Knight Rises.” It features her character both soft and sexy and tough as nails. Which do you prefer?

Catwoman is one of the most intriguing characters in the film, if only because so many memorable actresses have played the part. Each have brought their own interpretation to the role.

Judging from the new trailer, Anne gives the feline her own spin. She’s got the power of a black panther and a sassy wit to match, just like you might expect.

“You’re in deep with the wrong people,” Christian Bale’s character Bruce Wayne tells her.

“You don’t know a thing about me,” Catwoman purrs back.

“Ouch,” says Wayne, before the video cuts to a scene where Catwoman is taming some bad people.

Catwoman has a certain swagger and confidence. When Batman tries to explain how to operate his motorcycle, she shoots back “I got it.”

Halle Berry (2004) and Michelle Pfeiffer (1992) both played the role before her. Unlike Berry and Pfeiffer who wear hood-like cowls, Hathaway wears an eye mask with feline ears attached.

In the upcoming Christopher Nolan-directed sequel, she’ll do most of her own stunts. She told Entertainment Weekly she had to work out religiously to get in shape for the part. “I had to physically transform,” she says.

The movie hits theaters July 20. Check out the spot below.