Miley Cyrus Looks Positively Skeletal in July Fourth Photo 1All-American Miley Cyrus got into the Fourth of July spirit by dressing up in her patriotic best and posting a photo on Twitter. Sure the flags are plastic, but it’s the spirit that counts.

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Although Miley posted the photo in good fun, it was a little cringe-inducing because of the 19-year-old’s pronounced collar bones. Miley has been on a fitness kick and has lost a significant amount of weight.

Although she protests that she doesn’t have an eating disorder and has been seen at the gym almost every day, she’s whittled her body down to virtually no body fat.

Miley was decked out in a denim dress with little gold tassels across the bust line and wore a “USA” crown. She also wore bright red lipstick.

“Happy 4th!” Miley wrote for the caption.

Miley recently got engaged. Fiancée Liam Hemsworth has joked about already being married. Contrary to some tabloid reports, Miley says she has no plans to have children immediately. Instead, she wants to spend some time being a “hot wife.”

But if she doesn’t stop losing weight, she soon may be planning her wedding from a rehab center. Check out her photo. Click to supersize.