Savannah Guthrie Today Show

Savannah Guthrie has a hundred megawatt smile and she used it to her best advantage today (July 9) in her debut as the new co-host of the Today Show. Matt Lauer couldn’t stop smiling either.

In fact, neither Savannah nor Matt could stop laughing and smiling. Whether this will help ratings is subject to debate. But at least they were having fun.

Guthrie was tapped to replace Ann Curry, who was kicked upstairs in a messy affair that ignited a tabloid storm. Unearthed were allegations about an affair between Lauer and Natalie Morales, who was passed over for the job for the second time. All parties denied any sexual hankie pankie.

The transition was finally set in motion June 28 when Curry bid viewers a tearful and maudlin farewell. “This is not how I expected to leave this couch after 15 years, but I am so grateful,” she said in a voice choked with emotion. She had the job for exactly one year.

So it was that Guthrie appeared today seated beside Matt. “It truly is a new day around here,” Matt crowed. “We’re happiest because you bring a great attitude and what we like to call a weird sense of humor.”

Ouch… was he suggesting Curry had a bad attitude? In the end, it appears to be business as usual. Curry’s ouster was so botched, there’s no reason why the fumbling should stop now.

The whole mess was precipitated by “Today’s” slip in the ratings. Although it’s still No. 1, ABC rival “Good Morning America” is breathing down its neck and has actually won one or two days.

Her first big assignment will be the London Olympics. Both she and Matt are traveling there to take on the games. OMG! Matt allegedly had his affair with Morales at the 2006 Games. Good luck Savannah!

In any event, check out her first day on the job below.