Emma Stone's Seductive '60s Style in Vogue (photos) 1Emma Stone, who’s currently starring in the latest summer blockbuster “The Amazing Spider-Man,” has another accolade to go with her film credits…fashion plate. She’s called the latest “It Girl” by the UK Edition of Vogue magazine.

Stone, 23, rocketed to the A-List last year for her role in “The Help” as Eugenia “Skeeter” Phelan, an aspiring writer who chronicles the lives of Black maids in the deep South.

The film snared three Oscar nominations and a win for best supporting actress by Octavia Spencer. Stone was recognized for her stellar performance with a slew of other nominations.

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Emma Stone's Seductive '60s Style in Vogue (photos) 2Emma Stone's Seductive '60s Style in Vogue (photos) 3Emma Stone's Seductive '60s Style in Vogue (photos) 4Emma Stone's Seductive '60s Style in Vogue (photos) 5Emma Stone's Seductive '60s Style in Vogue (photos) 6Emma Stone's Seductive '60s Style in Vogue (photos) 7

From there, she stepped into the blockbuster reboot of the Spider-Man franchise playing Gwen Stacey. She’s the love interest of Peter Parker, aka Spider Man, played by Andrew Garfield, who is her off-screen love interest as well.

The film earned an estimated $65 million over the three-day weekend. Combined with its July Fourth holiday opening, it has grossed $140 million so far. The movie is also getting a thumb’s up from critics, scoring a 74 percent rating on rottentomatoes and an 84 percent rating from viewers.

“Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are stellar and director Marc Webb has crafted a Spider-Man that touches the heart,” writes Peter Travers of Rolling Stone.

With her movie cred firmly established, Stone is now conquering the fashion world. Vogue called her “fashion’s funniest It Girl.” She appeared early in her career in films like “Zombieland,” indie comedy “Paper Man” and coming of age high school comedy “Easy A.” The latter earned her a Golden Globe nomination for best actress in a musical or comedy.

Surprisingly she says lack of confidence is her biggest problem. “I had a panic attack when I was eight,” she told the magazine. “When I went through therapy, I tried improv for the first time, and I think there was some cathartic element to it.”

Judging from her Patrick Demarchelier shoot, she has nothing to fear. Check out her photos.