Did Bachelorette Emily Maynard Make the Right Call? 1Bachelorette Emily Maynard is down to three handsome hunks, but really there are two choices. Arie and Jef have laid love for her on the line. But Sean is playing coy. Will his strategy work?

So far, Sean has yet to say he loves Emily, the widow of race car driver Ricky Hendrick, who died in a 2004 plane crash. His two rivals are falling over themselves to say as much.

It’s clearly weighing on Em’s mind on their trip to Curacao, a Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. “I wonder: Does he love me? He hasn’t said it,” Emily, 26, wonders.

Sean has been playing his cards close to his vest, and when he finally tells her he loves her, the anticipation heightens the impact for Emily. And, he picks a classy way to tell her. Score one for Sean.

During the end of their romantic date on a blanket on the beach, surrounded by candles, he revealed a letter he’d written to Em’s daughter Ricki and read it. “I hope to honor you by loving your mom with every ounce of my being,” he read.

You know the old saying “Take a child by the hand and you take the mother by the heart.”

“Thank you, I love it,” Emily says. Then Sean makes his play: “I have fallen in love with you – and I know without a shadow of a doubt,” he says.

“It’s awesome to hear Sean tell me everything he’s feeling,” Emily confesses. “I feel like he’s totally ready to be a dad and be married. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now.”

But Sean was far from home free. “I’m at a point now where I feel really, really strongly about each of the three guys that are here,” Emily reveals.

Her connection with Arie was “almost immediate,” she says. “I just know that he would be my best friend. That he would love me forever.”

But it’s also said that humor is the way to a woman’s heart, and Jef wins on that score. “He has his own quirky sense of humor that I absolutely love,” she says. “He makes me laugh more than anybody else… I feel like he gets me in a way nobody else does. I feel like he would make the best husband and the best stepdad ever.”

Arie wins points because he professes total unabashed love for Emily. “Every time I look into Emily’s eyes, I’m reminded I love this girl,” he says. “And I want to spend every day with her… She is the most amazing, beautiful girl ever.”

“Emily is the love of my life,” he says during their romantic date. “There’s such a chemistry between us it’s hard to even talk. We always want to kiss each other.”

“I love kissing Arie,” she responds. “It’s going to be hard not to have an overnight date with Arie. Because I love kissing him.”

But it’s time for the final rose ceremony and someone is going to go home. “I’ve just had the best time! I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent with these three guys,” she says. But host Chris Harrison says she must choose.

“I care so much about each of you. And I’m sorry,” she apologizes in advance. Yikes! Jef and Arie get the roses. Sean is going home!

“I’m not sure what to say,” he says. “I feel kind of stupid. I was ready to spend forever with you.” She crys, he doesn’t… hmmmm. How much did he really love her?

The Bachelorette finale airs Sunday, July 22, from 8 to 10 p.m. A live After the Final Rose special will follow at 10 p.m. So will it be Jef or Arie?