Myla Sinanaj Comes Clean on Kris Humphries Pregnancy 1

Chris Humphries and his maybe, maybe not girlfriend.

Myla Sinanaj, the maybe girlfriend of Kim Kardashian’s estranged husband Kris Humphries acknowledged today (July 10) that she is not pregnant. And she’s shocked… shocked at the rumor!

TheImproper reported last week that Sinanaj’s claims should be treated with a good deal of skepticism after one of her ex-boyfriends said he’d heard it all before.

“She’s a habitual liar and dates guys and when they want to leave she claims she’s pregnant or will kill herself,” the boyfriend told Web site starzuncut.

Myla Sinanaj Comes Clean on Kris Humphries Pregnancy 2

Myla Sinanaj posted this photo today (July 10) to show she’s not pregnant.

Nonetheless, dozens of gossip sites, including TMZ, reported the assertion without challenge, and Humphries was forced to declare that he would take a paternity test to prove the baby wasn’t his. But now there’s no need for that.

TMZ cited “sources directly connected” to Sinanaj, who said she confirmed Monday (July 2) that she’s three months pregnant and that Humphries is the father.

Funny… she allowed herself to be photographed wearing a tight dress that showed her with a distinct “baby bump.” The photo was published everywhere as proof of her claim. TheImproper chose not to run it.

“I don’t know who their ‘sources’ are but since this all happened I still have NOT ever spoken,” she told Web site

“Yet every day, tabloids say I can’t keep my mouth shut. It’s such BS. 1. I’m NOT pregnant 2. I’m not signing no NDA’s [non-disclosure agreements]. or getting any money or going against Kris in his divorce.”

Among other things, Myla claimed she was suing Humphries and would cooperate with Kim in the divorce. She took back all of that today.

“When you love someone you don’t want to hurt them,” she says. “So all these BS ‘sources’ have people thinking I’m saying all this stuff I’m not … it’s frustrating.

“People will never understand my reasons for still caring for him after everything he did but I love him and that overrides any money or fame.”

Her ex-boyfriend, however, who has known Sinanaj for more than six years says nothing has changed. “Myla has been searching to become famous since I met her. Originally, she said she was a singer but I was with her for six years and never EVER heard a song. That was one way she met ‘industry’ people.”

And this is the woman that Kardashian has subpoenaed to testify in her looming divorce trial? Humphries is demanding an annulment on grounds that the marriage was a fraud. He alleges Kim married in solely to profit from the wedding and television specials.