Mary Richardson Kennedy Death Takes Macabre Turn 1Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who committed suicide in May, has found no rest. Her body has been dug up and moved from the Kennedy grave site to a remote location in the cemetery.

The move, ordered by Robert Kennedy Jr., fueled a wave of speculation that Mary’s burial among other Kennedy’s in the storied St Francis Xavier Cemetery in Hyannis was merely for show. But Bobby moved quickly to dispel that rumor, according to The New York Daily News.

The development is the latest macabre twist in the death of Kennedy’s wife of 14 years and mother to four children. In another revelation, Mary’s fingers were found wedged between her neck and rope when her body was found, as if she made a last-ditch attempt to save herself, according toWestchester County Medical Examiner Dr Kunjlata Ashar.

The decision to dig up her coffin is sure to add tension to the feud between the Kennedy’s and Mary Richardson’s family, who did not want her buried in the cemetery in the first place. They wanted her buried in Westchester, New York, so her four children could visit the grave.

Instead, Mary was buried next to Eunice and Sargent Shriver, Kennedy Jr’s aunt and uncle, and the parents of Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger. Her grave is now located about 700 feet away in a remote part of the cemetery.

“[Robert] didn’t realize how crowded the area was until after the funeral, and he wanted to have the ability to lay his wife to rest among her family members,” a gravedigger told the News. “He opted for an area of the cemetery where there is room for future expansion.” Kennedy reportedly wants to buy 50 plots.