Catwoman, Lucius Give Batman Lowdown in New Clips (watch!) 1Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle, also known as the “Catwoman” gives Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne the down low on how the world works in a new “Dark Knight Rises” clip, one of three posted today in a final publicity blitz leading up to the movie’s opening.

The Christopher Nolan-directed final film in the Batman series is shooting for box office records, so Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics are leaving no stone unturned in their marketing efforts.

The second clip features Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, the technological genius behind Wayne Enterprises. He also gives Bruce the low down on how his father’s sprawling military-industrial empire operates and the cool gadgets it produces. Lucius unveils mystery vehicle “The Bat.” Like Henry Ford’s Model A, it comes in black.

Lucius is down to earth and matter-of-fact. He wants to keep Wayne Enterprise’s projects from falling into “the wrong hands.” Bruce is hobbling on a cane. Lucius’s suggestion that The Bat comes in black seems like a gentle suggestion that Batman might be able to use it.

A third clip features Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman having a face-to-face showdown over the events that led to Batman’s disappearance eight years ago. The clip was posted yesterday.

Meanwhile, Selena oozes sexuality as she slow dances with Bruce at a charity function. She’s whip smart, not easily swayed and somewhat, shall we say, jaded. “Any 12-year-old with a cell phone can find out what you do,” she says dismissively. Catwoman reveals that she’s a Robin Hood at heart.

She takes from those who have more than they need, and doesn’t stand on the shoulders of those who have less, she purrs.

The clips are the first to focus on one actual scene from the movie, instead of a collage of fast-changing snippets of various characters. Check them out below.

The movie opens July 20 in theaters and IMAX theaters. Check out the new clips below.