Robert Pattinson can probably emphasize with his character in “Cosompolis” in more ways than one. In a new trailer, financial mogul Eric Packer finds solace, despite the fact that his high-flying world is crumbling around him.

“My personal fortune is in ruins, and there’s been an incredible threat on my life. Makes me feel free in a way I’ve never known,” says the character.

Rob can only wish he had his freedom. Since the “Twilight” phenomenon went global, Pattinson has become one of the most recognized people on earth.

Everywhere he goes, fans seem to materialize out of no where. And the grow into the thousands at promotional events and functions.

He’s never free like he used to be to quaff a beer in a pub and catch some music. But in the end, who’s complaining. Certainly not the self-effacing modest star of the David Cronenberg’s picture. Packer has the same problem but not in a good way.

He’s investments are hemorrhaging money, his comely wife (Sarah Gadon) doesn’t trust him, and he can’t even get across Manhattan in his limo for a haircut without some little jerk on his back. Unrestrained by the limits his money and position placed on him, his wife quickly realizes that he is “a dangerous person.”

Rob had a rough patch with his other post-Twilight film, “Bel Ami,” which got short-changed on distribution in the United States and mostly went right to pay-per-view. Cosmopolis is set for release Aug. 17. Although critics were less than impressed following a screening at the Berlin Film Festival, the picture is highly anticipated.

The film co-stars Jay Baruchel, Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti, who take Packer for the ride of his life. And he’s got at least one booster.

“He’s so good in it!” girlfriend Kristen Stewart told MTV News. “He’s really, really [good]. I don’t even know how he [did it]. I couldn’t even understand it. It’s so good, it’s so cool, I’m so proud of him. Thank God.”

Wow, talk about an enthusiastic review! Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts.