Breaking Dawn, Part 2 All About Kristen Stewart as Vampire (watch) 1

Breaking Dawn, Part 2, is all about Kristen Stewart becoming a vampire, according ot Stephanie Meyer.

When “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” hits theaters in November, it will be all about Kristen Stewart as a vampire, according to Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the books on which the “Twilight” vampire series is based. She should know, she’s seen the picture!

Meyer made the revelation during an interview with MTV News at the Comic-Con conference. She explained how Part 2 of the last in the “Twilight” series would be different from Part 1.

“In the first one there were, events; there’s the wedding, there’s the honeymoon. In this, the standout event is Kristen as a vampire. I mean it’s awesome,” she said.

“She’s completely changed. It’s subtle. It’s not like this huge shift. But if you watch everything she does, it’s a little bit different,” she added.

Meyer praised Stewart for bringing something to the role that even she wasn’t aware of. “In a very good way, it’s not how I thought in my head. Because it’s new and there’s something I haven’t seen before and I love that. I love that there’s more to it than I initially thought.”

And, Meyer says she could one day see a reboot of “Twilight” ten or 15 years down the road. “It would be nice to revisit it,” she said.

So keep your fingers crossed. Check out the interview below.