Penises have become part of Chloë Sevigny's repertoire. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)
Penises have become part of Chloë Sevigny’s repertoire. (Photo: Bang ShowBiz)

Chloë Sevigny knows how to handle a penis on-screen. She infamously went down on one in a movie and now she has one in the British series “Hit & Miss.” “Who doesn’t love a challenge?” she says.

“My manager called me and said, ‘I got some scripts today, and they’re fucking crazy. I’ve never read anything like them, and I kinda think you’re going to be into it,’ ” she tells Out magazine about her role as a transgender.

The reigning queen of Lower East Side hipsterdom knew she was good for the project “a little way into reading the first script.”

Sevigny plays Mia, a hit man (woman?) who discovers she’s a father. The child’s mother has died, and Mia suddenly finds herself as the father/mother of a son she’s never met.

“I was worried people would be angry that they didn’t cast a real person who was transitioning,” she said. “I asked why they didn’t, and the producers said they didn’t find the right person.

“It’s a big responsibility toward that community, and I wanted to do them right,” she added.

“She’s hypnotizing and perfectly balances the tender with the brutal. I could watch her forever,” said “Hit & Miss” writer Sean Conway.

As always, playing a sensitive role is never as easy as it looks. She got in hot water last year when she called her character a “tranny” in another magazine interview. “I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to use that word,” she says. “I’m still not even sure if I’m doing it right, and I really don’t want to offend anyone.”

Sevigny famously starred in 1999’s “Boys Don’t Cry” with Hillary Swank, playing the lover of a woman posing as a man. And, infamously in 2003’s “The Brown Bunny.” She performed full-on fellatio in the film on co-star and director Vincent Gallo.

“She may be nuts, but she’s also unforgettable,” said one critic.