Obama Political Ad Skewers Mitt Romney Over Jobs (watch!) 1President Obama delivered today (July 14) what may be his most effective political ad yet, attacking presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney over outsourcing jobs and holding sketchy off-shore bank accounts. He’s not the solution, he’s the problem, it proclaims.

The president’s lead in the most recently polls show him widening the gap on Romney. The GOP candidate hasn’t helped himself by offering only vague answers about his business dealings as a venture capitalist, or refusing to provide any answers at all.

Romney’s latest snafu over his business dealings occurred after he claimed he left his private equity firm years earlier than federal records indicate. Obama has been hammering home on the issues surrounding his record in the private sector.

The discrepancies occur between Securities and Exchange Commission records and Romney’s recollection about when he left Boston-based Bain Capital. It probably doesn’t help that the Batman’s criminal protagonist in the new film “Dark Knight Rises,” is also named Bain.

The new ad charges that Bain under Romney’s direction shipped American jobs to China and Mexico while Romney himself has sheltered has personal wealth in off-shore accounts in Switzerland, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. The audio backdrop is Romney singing “America the Beautiful”

The ad ends with a black screen and a simple message: “Mitt Romney’s not the solution. He’s the problem.”

“This is simply beneath the dignity of the presidency of the United States,” Romney told ABC in response to the ad. Check out the ad below: