Mick Jagger Had Sex With 4,000 Women, Including...Who!? 1Rolling Stone Mick Jagger was married to Jerry Hall and Bianca Jagger for almost 20 years combined, but still brags that he bedded more than 4,000 women, including a bevy of superstar actresses.

Along the way, he fathered seven children by four women.

No wonder Justin Bieber wants to break up with Selena Gomez while he’s on tour. He wants to get started on Mick’s record.

The revelations are contained in a new book “Mick: The Wild Life And Mad Genius of Mick Jagger” by Christopher Andersen. Excerpts have begun appearing London tabloid The Daily Mail

Among his conquests were several superstar actresses and the wife of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Jagger was one of countless men who were smitten by Angelina Jolie, a relatively unknown actress when they began a two year affair.

Jagger was married to wife Jerry Hall, who was pregnant with her fourth child, when he met Jolie in New York in 1977. She was playing a stripper in his video for “Anybody Seen My Baby?”

Jolie, who was described as “high strung, foul-mouthed, and given to dark moods and fits of temper” was also married, but Jagger didn’t care. “She scares me a little — I like that,” Jagger said at the time.

Keith Richards: Mick Jagger Less Than Well Endowed

Jolie was not only married to British actor Jonny Lee Miller, she was also having an affair with actor Timothy Hutton. Nonetheless, she agreed to meet Jagger in Florida and blew him off after a one-night stand. After that, Jagger literally begged to see her. The saw each other off and on for another two years.

Jagger also had affairs with Uma Thurman and French model/actress Carla Bruni, who went on to marry Zarkozy, during his term as French president. Bruni was dating guitarist and Jagger friend Eric Clapton at the time.

When wife Hall caught in him affairs, Mick would shower her with presents and beg for forgiveness. He even bought her a $3.5 milion Georgian mansion in London’s swank Richmond, Surrey neighborhood.

Jagger even crossed paths with New York real estate mogul Donald Trump, who started seeing Bruni while he was engaged to Marla Maples, whom he’d later marry.

“She was trying to get me to leave Marla . . . and she was using every psychological trick in the book. In the end, Carla became a woman who’s very difficult to even like,” Trump said of her.

Among his many conquests, Jagger loved to steal women from other rockers. He even bedded the nanny of his children, while his wife was asleep in a nearby bedroom.

“He loved to spank,” according to one of his lover.

Ironically, band mate Keith Richards’ girlfriend Anita Pallenberg told him Jagger was less than endowed and “had no fun with the tiny todger.” But apparently that didn’t slow Mick down. Check out the excerpt in The Daily Mail.