Gwen Stefani, No Doubt Crank it Up in Settle Down Video (watch) 1Gwen Stefani and the band go long haul, wheeling into town in their big rigs to kick off the party in the video for their new song “Settle Down.” The band does everything but settle down once the music cranks up.

The video plays off the fact that the band hasn’t made a record in ten years. It shows Stefani, bassist Tony Kanal, guitarist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young arriving in their big trucks at a reunion of sorts.

The keep in touch by CB radio and once they reach their destination, the jump out and greet each other warmly, suggesting they’ve all been on separate journeys but are now back together.

“I hate talking about what the songs are about because I feel like I already put so much into the song, of myself,” Stefani told Ryan Seacrest on E!.

“But I think that song, and a lot of the record, is just about being overwhelmed by so much going on and how to balance all of it,” she said. “That’d be a good way of summing it up.”

“As the attention goes back to No Doubt and less on being a suburban father, that’s when I realize, ‘Oh wow, I’m in this pretty huge band,'” Young added.

The band’s new video premiered tonight (July 16) on an E! Entertainment Special. The album, Push & Shove, will debut on Sept. 25.

Stefani, Kanal, Young and Dumount are all be featured in the video. They play truck drivers piloting customized rigs to a reunion. Sophie Muller directs; she’s worked with the band extensively on eight previous videos.

Once they arrive at their destination, the party breaks out, with Stefani setting the pace with raucous dancing. The tractor-trailers open up and serve as a stage.

The group’s last studio album was 2001’s Rock Steady. The band went on hiatus after that and Stefani concentrated on her solo career with two albums. She also launched two fashion lines.

The band’s sixth album will include 12 tracks with the tentative titles: “One More Summer,” “Gravity,” “Settle Down,” “Easy,” “Dreaming the Same Dream,” “Heaven,” “Undercover,” “Psycho,” “Push and Shove,” “Looking Hot,” “Sparkle” and “Undone.”