Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Talk On-Screen Chemistry 1Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ignited the “Twilight” films with their on-screen chemistry as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan and captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Now, Rob and Kristen talk about it for the first time.

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the first “Twilight” movie has often talked about how she noticed the chemistry right off the bat when Rob and Kristen auditioned for the parts.

Hardwicke recalls that Pattinson was dating Twilight co-star Nikki Reed and Stewart was with her boyfriend of four years Michael Angarano when Twilight began filming.

Hardwicke had worked with Reed in her breakthrough movie “Thirteen.” Angarano had appeared in her 1997 movie “Lords of Dogtown,” about skateboarding. Michael started dating Kristen after co-starring with her in the 2004 movie “Speak.” But not long after “Twilight” started filming, Pattinson ended his fling with Reed, and Stewart ended her relationship with Angarano.

Rob has talked in the past how Kristen first came to his attention when he saw her in the 2007 film “Into the Wild.” The Sean Penn directed film starred Emile Hirsch . Kristen played Tracy Tatro, a precocious 16-year-old who falls for Hirsch’s character.

In a new interview with Canada’s E! Network at the recently ended Comic-Con, Rob and Kristen were asked when they first felt that chemistry. The lead-in notes that the film series’s $2.5 billion success all hinged on their on-screen chemistry.

Check out the video below: