Shooting victim Jessica Ghawi

The victims of James Holmes senseless shooting spree in an Aurora, Colo. movie theater during a mid-night showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” came from all walks of life, a virtual portrait of America.

From the youngest victim, Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6, to the oldest Gordon Cowdon, 51, they were the friends, neighbors and school friends that make up the fabric of any community.

The fact that their lives were wrenched from them simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, random victims of a loner, makes the tragedy all that much greater. The Arapahoe County coroner’s office released the list of all fatalities from the movie theater shooting, but more than 50 people were wounded and nine are still face life-threatening injuries.

Holmes is in police custody. He was arrested at the scene and put up no resistance when police approached him. According to various reports the victims are as follows:

Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6: Her mom, Ashley Moser is hospitalized in critical condition with bullets in the abdomen and her throat. Veronica is the youngest of those killed in the massacre.

Alexander Boik, 18: He was on a date with his girlfriend, Lasamoa Cross, who survived the shooting. “AJ Boik was a wonderful, handsome and loving eighteen year old young man with a warm and loving heart,” his family posted online about the recent high school graduate.

Micayla Medek, 23: The community college student still searching for direction in her life. She described herself as “a simple independent girl who’s just trying to get her life together while still having fun.”

Jessica Ghawi, 24: An aspiring writer, she blogged about narrowly escaping a random shooting in a Toronto, Canada Mall. ”I was reminded that we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath,” she wrote.

Alexander Teves, 24: A University of Denver graduate, he was just starting graduate school. “He was a wonderful person. He didn’t have a mean bone in his body,” His aunt, Barbara Slivinske, told The New York Daily News.

Jonathan Blunk, 26: He died protecting his girlfriend, Jansen Young, from the fusillade of shots. She survived.

Matthew McQuinn, 27: He gave his life to save his girlfriend, Samantha Yowler, who was wounded in the leg.

Alex Sullivan, 27: Attending “The Dark Knight Rises” was part of a birthday treat. He would have celebrated his first wedding anniversary today (July 22) Before the movie started, Alex tweeted that this would be “the best birthday ever.”

Navy Petty Officer John Larimer, 27: He and fellow sailors the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth Fleet at Buckley Air Force Base, went to the movies together.

Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29: Jesse was assigned to the 310th Forces Support Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, according to an Air Force statement.

Rebecca Wingo, 32: The mother of two who was studying for an arts degree, was killed even though her close friend Marcus Weaver tried to protect her by covering her with his body.

Gordon Cowdon, 51: He was a divorced father of three children. “He was a family guy, always with his kids, always walking around the neighborhood,” next door neighbor Ismael Botello told USAToday.