Who is Rupert Sanders, What Does Kristen Stewart See in Him? 1

Rupert Sanders and wife, Liberty Ross

Kristen Stewart’s alleged lover, Rupert Sanders, 41, is largely unknown in the United States although he is based in Los Angeles. His career has focused on directing television commercial.s and “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which starred Stewart, is his first film.

One thin that is known about Sanders, he was particularly close to the “Snow White” cast, including Stewart.

On the night of “Snow White and the Huntsman’s” premiere in London, he partied with Charlize Theron, Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Toby Jones, Ray Winstone and other cast members at the Royal Courts Of Justice, according to London tabloid The Guardian. After that party ended, he and Stewart and others in the cast headed to Sander’s friend’s bar in Soho, where they partied until 5am.

The cast was particularly close. “Wrap parties are usually awful but ours went til 9pm the next day,” he told the newspaper. “The whole cast and crew came to a warehouse in Scrubs Lane and we had transvestite DJs playing acid house.”

He grew up in London, and unlike Robert Pattinson, belonged to England’s upper crust. His father was a neuro-ophthalmic surgeon, and his mother ran a his mother ran a doll’s house shop, a suitable job for someone of their stature. He earned a degree in graphic design from Central St Martins, a London art school.

Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross are childhood friends. He met her when she was 17, the little sister of his best friend Milo Ross. They married in 2003.

“We were at a party one night, and this beautiful girl walked in the room,” he told the newspaper. “I just knew I was going to marry her. It took a while. I didn’t propose to her for seven years because I felt that she was too young and she’d resent me if she hadn’t lived.

Today, Ross, 33, an in demand British model and Vogue cover girl, who is described as “boho-aristo chic” with street-credibility.

Her maternal grandfather was Lord Killearn, while her father, Ian Ross, was on the launch team of Radio Caroline, and co-founded Flipper’s, the first roller disco in Los Angeles.

She’s also the sister of Oscar winning composer Atticus Ross. The couple has two children, Skyla and Tennyson.

Both she and the couple’s children were in “Snow White and the Huntsman.”

Ross has branched out into acting making her feature film debut in “W.E.,” the Madonna-directed film about Wallace Warfield Simpson, who caused Edward VII to give up his crown to marry her.