Inside Kristen Stewart's Fateful Hook Up With Rupert Sanders 1Kristen Stewart and her Snow White director Rupert Sanders were secretive about the hook up that led to the exposure of their affair, although they didn’t hesitate to carry on in public.

The meeting that ripped the lid off their affair was a steamy one, according to USWeekly, quoting a photographer who witnessed the two getting passionate in a parking lot and another secluded area near the iconic Hollywood sign.

The afternoon romp unfolded on Tuesday (July 17) when the pesky paparazzi tailed Kristen’s Mini-Cooper as she left a gym following her morning workout. She received a phone call and headed to a deserted parking lot where she stopped and waited.

A short while later, Sanders, 41, showed up. “Kristen was sitting with her back up against the driver’s-side window, and this guy was kissing her entire body,” the photog told the magazine.

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They were clearly on the lookout for paparazzi and others who might recognize them, suggesting the clearly knew they were two-timing their partners. In Sanders case it would be his wife, Liberty Ross, a well known UK model and descendant of royalty. Robert Pattinson was obviously in the dark as well.

After hotly groping each other, they most have gotten cold feet over their location, or wanted to get even more intimate. So they drove to the secluded Pacific View Trail, near the famous Hollywood sign. The photographer continued sleuthing unnoticed.

They sat together for a while in Kristen’s car and finally got out. They caressed each other, but were still wary of being discovered. “A few people would walk by, and as soon as they heard a voice, they would split up and walk in other directions,” according to the magazine.

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When a couple approached them walking their dog, they apparently panicked and got back in Kristen’s car where the continued to make out.

After their secret meeting, Kristen dropped Rupert off about three blocks from his house where he lives with his wife and their two kids.

When and how Pattinson learned about the affair is unknown. He and Stewart were spotted out and about in Los Angeles after that date and seemed jovial and committed at the Teen Choice Awards over the weekend. Could he possibly have known? Or, was she leading him along.

It’s also unknown when the alleged affair began between the two. They were on location shooting “Snow White and the Huntsman” for about three months. Rob wasn’t around, but Sander’s wife and children were on the set part of the time because they had roles in the movie.