Killer Whale Attacks Trainer in Shocking New Video (watch) 1

Trainer Ken Peters is held under water by Kasatka in a 15-minute attack at SeaWorld in San Diego.

San Diego trainer Ken Peters was attacked and almost drowned by a killer whale at SeaWorld in a 15-minute ordeal that was captured on video and released yesterday (July 24).

It’s become a key piece of evidence in a federal investigation of deaths and accidents at the water parks involving killer whales.

The video was posted online after it was made public during a court hearing before the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Hearing Judge Ken Welsch called the scene “chilling.”

Peters was attacked by Kasatka, a three ton killer whale that he had worked with extensively. The 2006 incident preceded trainer Dawn Brancheu’s death in Feb. 2010. She was killed by Tilikum, a whale at SeaWorld’s facility in Orlando, Fla.

In the video, Peters can be seen frolicking with whale on a platform before diving into the deep pool where the mammals are kept. Kasataka grabs his foot while he’s in the water and refuses to let go, despite kicks from the trainer.

The incident was also documented by author David Kirby in his book “Death at SeaWorld.” The whale has attacked at least three other trainers in front of horrified crowds.

Kirby writes that Kasatka toyed with Peters like a rag doll, shaking him violently and pulling him under water for several seconds at a time. When he resurfaced, the whale grabbed him again, breaking his foot.

Kirby claims Kasatka kept Peters away from other trainers in the middle of the pool and charged him again after he escaped over a barrier net. The whale struck without warning. “She didn’t tell me, she didn’t show me,” Peters told the other trainers.

Check out the video below: