Why Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Should End It Now 1Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, one of the hunkiest actors in Hollywood, for a reason. It was a cry for help to break out of a relationship that she could never end on her own. Here’s why.

Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, made a great couple and warmed the hearts of Twilight fans everywhere with their romantic portrayals of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen over the past four years.

But if their off-screen relationship continues beyond the end of “Breaking Dawn, Part 2,” it will forever stereotype her as Bella and him as Edward. And, that’s the last thing Kristen and Rob want. Both she and Rob are desperate to put “Twilight” behind them. It’s critical to their credibility as actors and their careers.

Otherwise, they’ll spend the rest of their lives going to “Twilight” conventions and making special “Twilight” appearances, like so many other stars trapped in roles from which they can’t escape.

But breaking up is hard to do.

Stewart has often talked about her attraction to English men, so it’s no surprise she was drawn to the suave English director Rupert Sanders. During filming of “Snow White and the Huntsman” he mentored her and the attraction was natural. An affair was Kristen’s way of moving on.

She’s apologized profusely for the indiscretion, but the act alone suggests she sees Rob more as a friend who shared a unique experience with her than a lover or long-term companion. Better to end it now.

So far, Rob has remained silent on the illicit affair. “Rob is in shock that Kristen cheated on him, he is absolutely devastated,” a source told RadarOnline. “But right now he doesn’t want to say anything in public until he figures out what he’s going to do.”

Take the hint Rob and end it. If you don’t now, you will eventually. Why prolong the inevitable?