Sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman and nine others busted with her two years ago were planning to go deep undercover. They were recruiting their own children to spy for the former Communist nation, even though they were Americanized.

In fact, Tim Foley, the son of two spy ring members, is still living in Cambridge, Mass., even though Chapman and her cohorts were deported and told never to set foot in the United States again.

Foley told The Wall Street Journal he was among the children who were “extensively groomed” to spy on the United States.

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Because they were Americanized, it was thought they’d have a better chance of getting security clearances.

They spies were portrayed at the time as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Officials said they never obtained any sensitive intelligence information. But later stories surfaced that Chapman almost penetrated Obama’s staff.

The child recruitment scheme suggests they were far more active than originally portrayed. Foley was 20 when his parents were arrested and a student at George Washington University. He agreed to travel to Russia to start formal training, the paper reported.

“There was much more to this than just trying to make friends with important people. This was a very long-term operation,” the source said.

The United States and old Soviet Union waged an intense Cold War for decades after World War II as each tried to discern the nuclear weapons capability and other militaristic plans. When the Communist state collapsed in 1991, the Cold War effectively ended, and the United States and Russia became allies.

Chapman returned to a hero’s welcome and has been a sex symbol. Her ex-boyfriend leaked nude photos of her and she later posed for racy photo shoots for several magazines.