Rihanna, Cris Brown Hooked Up Secretly in Cannes 1

Rihanna and Chris Brown were in Cannes together, but what happened between them isn’t staying in Cannes. The two had secret hookups at least twice aboard their yachts in the early morning hours.

The latest report by the UK’s Look magazine is the strongest evidence yet that Rihanna is back with the boyfriend who beat her unconscious and fled the scene on the eve of The Grammys in 2009.

Brown later pleaded guilty to assault and for a time was under a restraining order not to go closer than 50 feet to Rihanna in public. But they apparently got a lot closer than that in the French resort town.

A crew member on one of the yachts told the magazine that Brown and Rihanna took elaborate precautions to avoid being seen or photographed together. They moored together out at sea where they couldn’t be seen.

Rihanna excitedly said she couldn’t wait to see her “boyfriend,” the crew member said.

“Both of their yachts are huge and moored next to each other, out at sea, where they wouldn’t be spotted,” the source said. Rihanna took a boat from her yacht to Chris’ boat and was there from around 3am until 6am.

They apparently planned the rendezvous beforehand. “Touch down baby, help me pick out my fitt,” Rihanna tweeted when Brown landed in Nice, July 22.

Rihanna was “jumping up and down” and ‘sent three outfits via text so he could pick what she wore,” a friend of the singer told the magazine.

Rihanna was “on cloud nine”, when she returned to her yacht, the crew member said.

The Barbadian singer has been warned that getting back with Brown could damage her image and career. But she apparently can’t stay away from him, although the same incendiary elements that led to the assault are still present.

Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran, had traveled to France with him. Brown was also spotted partying with scantily-clad models at a French town. Rihanna’s jealousy over Brown’s flirting with other women led to the assault. Plus, he still has anger management issues.