Robert Pattinson was obviously deeply hurt by Kristen Stewart’s affair with Director Rupert Sanders, but it seems inconceivable that he would ditch promoting “Breaking Dawn Part 2.” He’s too professional. But will the cast take sides?

Studio Summit Entertainment is reportedly sweating over whether Rob and Kristen will appear together, but the promo tour is still weeks away and feelings should subside by then.

If not, Rob is much more vindictive then he seems. He may never get back with Kristen (who would?) but he will certainly get over it and even forgive her eventually.

By the time “Breaking Dawn: Part 2,” the last of the “Twilight” movies hits theaters in November, the situation will likely be totally different. Although Rob, 26, was reportedly “weeks” away from proposing–they had already moved in together–they were, in the end, still too young to get married.

Kristen, 22, obviously lacks maturity and is still trying to find herself as an actress and woman. Better to stumble into infidelity now, rather than later when they are married.

But the story may be different among Breaking Dawn cast members who will be in the most awkward spot of all. Will they be forced to choose sides?

So far top “Twilight” stars like Taylor Lautner and Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed have been  conspicuously silent about the shocking developments between the top stars of the movie.

There reportedly is no love lost between Stewart and Reed, who briefly date Pattinson, before he left her to court Stewart. Lautner, who has made, dozens of appearance with the two, must feel especially on the spot.

Already, Stewart’s “Snow White and the Huntsman” co-star Charlize Theron has criticized Stewart for getting involved with Sanders, who directed the picture.